sardonic Lee is a daily webcomic… updated twice a week. in their sessions, Lee & his therapist plow through a wide range of topics, from his issues… to his issues. Lee was sent unwillingly to therapy through a violent intervention conducted by people he claims he didn’t even know. although the therapy setting appears to be static, the dialogue will (most likely) change. there might even be a random article or feature posted on days Lee bails on his session.
Lee was conceived one rainy afternoon in a shady coffee shop in the philippines. his mother (sketch donor) was handily bribed with pork adobo & the u.s. equivalent of $5 by his father, who fertilized and stained the sketch with what appeared to be a pirated version of photoshop (… pirated technically because it had a patch). nine months later, sardonic Lee was born with all the glory of a retirement home shuffle-bored tournament.