UPDATE- all thai’d up

hello fine peoples-  gonna be taking a quick vacation to travel around s.e. asia for the next week or so sans computer, sans internet, sans comic sans, etc.  so unfortunately there will be a few missed sessions.  since this must come as a devastating blow to your summer plans, i’ve provided yet another item for you to look at and wonder “what the hell is this?”  it’s a piece of fine art photography… a prickture i like to call “cocktus” for no apparent reason.


after hours of staring at this, if you still have time on your hands, feel free to scan the archives and read some of the alt-text i’ve been adding since around session 124.  it’s shockingly mediocre.  just hover your mouse over the comic to read.  still have time on your hands?  maybe hover a real mouse over a comic and let it poop out a review.  the updates should start back july 12th-ish… provided i don’t run into any tsunamis and still have all my organs.  thanks for caring.  miss you already  -sL


2 Comments to “UPDATE- all thai’d up”

  1. By Plato, July 6, 2011 @ 10:23 am

    LOL, sounds like a wonderful trip, you mean the world is not as dangerous as the media wants you to believe?
    What a shocker! Love the cocktus, what a stinger. 🙂

    • By Daryl B, July 7, 2011 @ 12:21 pm

      What makes this more interesting are the small spiky balls on top. Wait a minute, it even looks like it’s wearing a pink colored F@%# ring. This doesn’t look so thai’dy at all.

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